100% MEAT Turkey with onion

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Kód: 602/EN
240 Kč / ks
Kategorie: Sterilized meals
Hmotnost: 0.2 kg
Hlavní kategorie: Sterilovaná jídla
Podle typu jídla:: 100% maso

100% MEAT Turkey with onion



Turkey meat




Athletes pay attention! These steam-baked pieces of turkey thigh meat are served with sliced onions. And that will be all you need! Juicy meat under a golden crust, lots and lots of protein and almost no fat. It is healthy and also mouthwateringly delicious. Its low weight and high nutritional values make this dish a great choice for when you’re traveling light.


Turkey thigh meat (95%), onion (4%), salt, pepper.

The food does not contain allergens ;)

Nutritional values

100 g Food
Energy value kcal 183 366
Energy value kJ 770 1540
Fat g 4.5 9
Saturated fats g 3 6
Proteins g 33 66
Carbohydrates g 3 6
Sugars g 0.5 1
Salt g 1.2 2.4

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