Do you run a store and want to give your customers something really special?

Then you are on the right site! We are still searching for the right partners who knows how important good meal outside can be. And that's not only stores we are talking about. We supply:

  • stores
  • travel agencies
  • rescue forces
  • armed forces

What does B2B cooperation mean for us?

  • Personal contact - our sales representative will fit the offer to the customer's needs
  • Training of staff, guides or employees so they know what is the real value of ADM and so they can pass that to your customers or clients.
  • Wholesale prices
  • Sales and marketing support in the form of tastings, POS displays, fliers, stickers and our photo/video gallery for social media use.
  • Happy customers, because you recommanded them something that put their adventures to whole new level.


Email Frida...he can't wait.


Fridolín Tlustý

email: b2b@adventure-menu.com