Our meals

Do you want to know
how we cooked this food?
The basis is 100% natural ingredients

You just can't make natural food without using them. Even if you did the best, it is impossible cooking without them. We use meat and vegetables always fresh and cooled from local suppliers. We do not use any semi-finished products and we prepare everything by ourselves from the base. Well, to be honest - who from you has a time and desire to deal with this during traveling or vacation?

Handmade cooking according to traditional recipes

When we already have the best ingredients, we must also give them the appropriate care. You will not find any automated production lines by us. Each portion of the meal passes through hands of our chefs, who literally play with it. Unfortunately, we have to write as well that all the dishes are first traditionally cooked before drying or sterilizing. If you ask yourself now that this is clear thing, unfortunately today it is rather an exception. We do all this just because you could enjoy happy moments in your sleeping bag.

Finally comes the high-tech conservation

We have the meal ready. What to do now? To let it survive almost everything and keep a speed with you wherever you go, we have to do some magic with it. In total, magics are two – one a vacuum-drying , second one is sterilisation. By both, it is unique that the meal keeps its natural taste and nutritional value and stays the same even after X years as freshly cooked. We use vacuum drying for the lightest possible meals in a backpack, and sterilization for meals where there is not such a demand on the low weight, however the demand is targeted on the speed of preparation.