Creamy paprika chicken with pasta

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Creamy paprika chicken with pasta



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Big "yummy, yummy" for little adventurers' tummy

Even the biggest adventurers start small and work their way up. Tinier the legs, longer the distance and also bigger hunger much sooner. And not just the ordinary one that adults have! Kids are hungry for something "Yummy"! 

That is why we have cooked Adventure Menu for kids – 100% natural meals that are nutritious, full of energy and that are made specifically to please the kid's palate.

Little adventurers' mouths will water like Santo Angel and the big ones would wish they were kids again.


Kids are clever as foxes. Especially when it comes to food. However, with this tender chicken in smooth cream sauce with animal-shaped pasta there will be no need for hunting them to come to eat. They will be already there sniffing out what tidbit will be served.


Chicken breast (28 %), pasta (22%) (semolina, water), cream 20 % white onion, butter, tomato puree (tomatoes, salt, sugar), chicken stock, rapeseed oil, corn flour, rice flour, garlic, lemon juice, sweet paprika, pepper, salt.


Nutrition values

100 g Jídlo
Energy value
kcal 482 410
Energy value
g 26,0 20,0
Saturated fat
g 11,0 9,0
g 16,0 14,0
g 54,0 46,0
g 2,8 2,4
Dietary fiber
g 0,4 0,34
g 1,1 0,9

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