Mac & Cheese

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Mac & Cheese



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Big "yummy, yummy" for little adventurers' tummy

Even the biggest adventurers start small and work their way up. Tinier the legs, longer the distance and also bigger hunger much sooner. And not just the ordinary one that adults have! Kids are hungry for something "Yummy"! 

That is why we have cooked Adventure Menu for kids – 100% natural meals that are nutritious, full of energy and that are made specifically to please the kid's palate.

Little adventurers' mouths will water like Santo Angel and the big ones would wish they were kids again.


Kids love pasta. But say cheese along with it and they will stuff their cheeks like little chipmunks. A rich baked treat full of simple and bold flavours, with delicious cream, gouda and cheddar that will put a smile on the faces of kids and parents on the go.


Milk (38 %), pasta (22 %) (semolina, water), sour cream (16 %) (cream, milk proteins, dairy cultures), gouda (pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet), cheddar (pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet), lemon, Dijon mustard (water, mustard seed, spirit vinigar, salt), pepper, nutmeg.

Nutrition values

100 g Jídlo
Energy value
kcal 265 663
Energy value
g 12,0 31,0
Saturated fat
g 7,7 19,0
g 14,0 35,0
g 24,0 60,0
g 3,8 9,5
Dietary fiber g 1,1 2,6
g 0,3 0,6

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