100% MEAT Pork meat with cumin

Skladem (>5 ks)
Kód: 603/EN
242 Kč / ks
Kategorie: ESHOP EU
Hmotnost: 0.2 kg
Filtr alergenů a diet:: bez laktózy, bez lepku, bezvaječné
Hlavní kategorie: Sterilovaná jídla
Podle typu jídla:: 100% maso
Vaha: 200g

You don't need any extras, you don't need any unnecessary added ballast. All you need is the meat! Manually portioned pieces of pork shoulder steam-baked with cumin. Because of its higher content of fat the meat is juicy and tasty, and even after it loses one third of its weight in the baking process it is not dry or stringy. Its low weight and high nutritional value make this one the perfect provision for treks, biking trips, and just about everywhere you travel light.

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